Presidential Elections 2012

  1. Find out who your favourite candidate is:
    Go to 2012 Presidential Election | OTUS News - ABC News
    and click on "Match-o-Matic" on the left and do the quiz (alternatively click here if you can't find it).

  2. Click on the link "Election Maps" at the very top (or click here if you can't find it).
    Explain the map and the important role that Ohio plays.
    --> This one has unfortunately changed!! So maybe skip it ...

  3. Watch this FOX-News video and explain its message.

  4. Go back to the starting page and click on "The Signs" for some fun facts (or click here to go there directly).


Obama's "Victory Speech"


Online Dictionaries

  • Leo - but be careful: sometimes it's difficult to find the correct translation as the possibilities are listed in alphabetical order
  • - this one can be good to find phrases (instead of only words)