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h.l. Louis Pop, Maryam Reidel, Kevin Pajkoski, Michael Wang; v.l. Jule Carl, Laura Mocken, Maximilian Kirschner (es fehlen: Amelie Bohnert, Sören Müller)

Juniors to compete at Finals Weekend

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GGE’s Junior Debaters are very proud to announce that after 6 preliminary rounds they have qualified for the Finals Weekend. The mini tournament will take place at the youth hostel in Rottweil in early July. There will be teams from 7 other schools of this year’s Junior League and team GGE is excited to be among the breaking teams. Congratulations!  

Huge congratulations as well to Louis Pop, Michael Wang and Jule Carl who have achieved ranks in the top 12 Individual Speaker Ranking.

Fingers crossed for the Finals Weekend!

Photo: Louis Pop, Jule Carl and Michael Wang have achieved top spots in the Individual Speaker Ranking

Top 100: JL 2022_2023 – IndividualRanking