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Two wins in a row!

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On Friday, 27th January, Goethe-Gymnasium’s Junior Debating Team was participating in two debates at Heilbronn’s Theodor-Heuss Gymnasium. It had already been difficult to plan the trip because of the many train delays between Emmendingen and Offenburg. However, the team mastered its challenge of arriving in Heilbronn on time. It was a long trip through the north of Baden-Württemberg, but they Juniors had enough to talk about and the time passed quickly.

When they arrived in Heilbronn, they had to get to the hosting school. Gladly the way led through the city, so they could also look around the city of Heilbronn.

After their short walk through the city, the Juniors were welcomed by the coach of the hosting team and they were invited to enjoy a little coffee break before the motion (topic of the debate) was announced.

“This house would stop climate activists from blocking roads” was the impromptu motion which sent everyone to the preparation rooms for an hour. The three opposition speakers of team GGE were Maryam Reidel as 1st and reply speaker, Maximilian Kirschner as 2nd speaker and Michael Wang as 3rd speaker. There were also Jule Carl and Louis Pop as helpers during the preparation time.

To cut a long story short, team GGE won with a decision of two judges against one.

The second and prepared motion was “This house would not go to university”. Speakers of our team (proposition) were Jule Carl as 1st and reply speaker, Kevin Pajkoski as 2nd speaker and Laura Mocken as 3rd speaker.

We prepared well, but the opposing team also did. It was very close, but our team won this debate with a decision of two against one judge.

The day was just amazing, but they also had a hard time traveling over 6 hours on one day. I think they would all agree that they were tired and instantly fell asleep when they arrived home.


Text: Louis Pop (Klasse 8a)